Espresso coffee machine Arabica coffee made in Italy

Espresso coffee machine Arabica coffee made in Italy.  If you are looking for a unique coffee machine and precious pure Arabica coffees then you are reading the right article.  Caffè del Caravaggio, from Bergamo in northern Italy is active in the coffee business since 2008 with the objective to introduce in the market innovative coffee machines with high quality coffees to ensure a quality result in the cup!  Since we are from Italy, we have decided to focus since the beginning on the product we are most famous for: The Espresso!  We have developed an innovative and professional coffee machine, easy to use by everyone and simple to clean to enable also the least experience barista to serve an excellent espresso coffee.  The real italian espresso coffee!!! 

Premium quality coffee beans pure Arabica Made in Italy

Premium Quality coffee beans pure Arabica made in Italy.  If this is what you are looking for then who have come to the right place.  We are an Italian roaster specialized in Specialty coffee pure Arabica; blends and single origins of the highest quality to deliver excellent coffees.  No matter if you have a superautomatic coffee machine or a traditinal espresso machine our coffee will allow you to serve, deliver and drink an excellent coffee all the time.  We have decided to roast only 100% pure Arabica coffee because we believe that only a pure Arabica enable your clients to enjoy flovours that can range from floral to citrus, from chocolaty to spicy.    

Quality coffee beans pure Arabica, blends and single origins

Quality coffee beans pure Arabica, blends and single origins to satisfy the request of unique and outstanding coffees.  if you wish to drink in a restaurant, in an office or in the comfort of your home a quality coffee, the first rule is to ensure to use quality coffee beans, better if pure Arabica.  

Why choosing pure Arabica coffee? 3 good reasons

Why choosing pure Arabica coffee?  Here are 3 good reasons to do it. First, you must know that the coffees you are drinking today in a bar, in your office or at home are mainly from two varieties: Robusta and Arabica. But do you know the difference amongst those two varieties? Here a simple explanation that hopefully will allow you to make a more conscious choice when you order or drink your espresso coffee, moka or filter coffee! 



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