Italy is the European country with the highest number of coffee vending machines: but what about the quality?

Eight hundred thousand automatic vending machines and about three billion coffee cups dispensed annually: these are the impressive numbers that make Italy the leading country in Europe for automatic beverage and food machines.

In other words, an Italian out of two today drinks coffee thanks to those machines, mainly for convenience and to honour the rite of coffee break and socialization. This is the simple technological evolution of classic coffee at the bar, but what about the quality of what we drink? It is useless to complain when in the office or in the gym you have to deal with a generic automatic dispenser: you just have to drink whatever it delivers and it's already a great result if the machine works properly, does not “steal” your money and coffee is hot!

Caffè del Caravaggio is an Italian company that was founded with the explicit purpose to destroy the hated dogma of "practicality at the expense of quality". It's definitely not true that in order to make a good coffee you need the magical virtues of legendary bartenders, expensive moka machines or traditional bar machines as big as a NASA computer! You can get the best espresso in the world even from a compact coffee machine, as long as you use certified blends or single origins, always extracted at the right temperature and pressure. Caffè del Caravaggio has given up on any compromise, choosing to distribute only pure Arabica coffee in environmentally friendly pods, to respect quality, the environment and to dispense a healthy coffee not contaminated by plastic or aluminium. The perfect coffee machine did not exist, so we decided to invent it: small, technologic, modular, energy-efficient, with a military rigor in meeting the parameters for extracting a true espresso coffee and child proof in its usage.

Do you want to offer your employees, customers, guests or visitors the world's best espresso coffee with the convenience of an automatic dispenser (and many more benefits)? Contact us now!



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