The world has a new coffee export record, mainly thanks to the Arabica coffee

The coffee export industry can definitely be satisfied in the last year: the latest figures from the International Coffee Organization show an unprecedented growth.

Compared to 2015/2016, there are about 5.5 million more exported coffee bags, with a significant increase for the Arabica volumes by 7.9%. Quality coffee lovers do not need any lessons as to why the complexity of their DNA makes Arabica coffees the most valuable and renowned species in the world. However, due to this factor, this type of coffee suffers a widespread "counterfeiting" of its name, with many unscrupulous producers selling "Arabica" coffee blends far from being 100% pure Arabica, and therefore without all the superb organoleptic characteristics which everybody should taste but that probably so many consumers may have never really experienced in their lives.

Thanks to Caffè del Caravaggio, everyone can now enjoy the true 100% pure Arabica certified coffee at any time of the day, choosing among some of the rarest and most sought-after varieties from all around the world. Each of our coffee variety, packaged in eco-friendly coffee pods, is the result of a long research and selection work that has made Caffè del Caravaggio an internationally renowned and well-known brand. We are convinced that quality is at the base of every successful product, and for this reason we will always choose to use only pure Arabic coffee for all our coffee pods.



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