The best coffee has a name, a surname and a country of origin: avoid second-rate coffee!

Wines, local agricultural products, typical regional dishes... everything that Italy produces related to food and wine field is by definition unique, traced, regulated and (hopefully) protected by well-defined laws.

Italian beer, in recent years, has also seen a high growth in artisan production, a sign that, when it comes to food and drink, we have little to fear from world-wide competition. The only field in which the Italians keep on being prisoners of purely industrial strategies is the one nobody would believe of (being the inventors of moka and espresso): coffee. Will we ever be able to apply the same care and the same expertise as we do with wine, beer and food to the drink that we love the most?

At Caffè del Caravaggio we try to change things every day, explaining that "coffee" itself doesn't exist, as there are several different type of coffees, all with unique organoleptic characteristics to satisfy the tastes of a multitude of different people. Every year Africa gives us Ethiopia Sidamo, a fine coffee full of aromas that remind cocoa, spices, and dried fruits: only the ground and the African climate can make it so good and inimitable. On the other side of the Atlantic, Guatemala Antigua Pastores owes its perfect mix of acidity and sweetness to the volcanic soil in Antigua, a Guatemala municipality known best for this wonderful coffee adored by true connoisseurs. Jamaica, the island of the Great Antilles with timeless charm, periodically exports Jamaica Blue Mountains, the best coffee ever for those who do not like bitterness and look for a delicate and unique drink. Since day one, Caffè del Caravaggio has included these three single origins of pure Arabica coffee in its exclusive Coffee Menu, making Italian and foreign consumers enjoy specialty coffee respectful to the fair trade standards which reward the hard work of local farmers and producers.

If you are tired of the "usual, average coffee" and, above all, want to be sure that you can taste the best varieties in the world while always keeping the highest quality in each cup, contact us now!



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