Coffee and hypertension: no risk but beneficial effects, according to a new research of the University of Naples

Coffee comes out again victorious not only for its extraordinary taste, but also for the beneficial effects on human health.

A new analysis performed by a team of researchers at the University of Naples confirms a positive relationship between the daily and repeated consumption of the drink and the reduction in the number of new cases of hypertension: in other words, those who drink at least three cups of coffee a day can benefit from greater cardiovascular protection! The analysis of the researchers takes into consideration the data of four studies conducted on a sample of two hundred thousand men and women aged between 26 and 79 years, monitored for a period of time between 3 and 33 years. The coffee used for the research was of the "American" type (that is, obtained by filtration), but the substantial overlap of the results collected was also explicitly specified with different types of the drink, such as our beloved espresso coffee.

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