Why choosing pure Arabica cofee

Why choosing pure Arabica coffee? 3 good reasons

Why choosing pure Arabica coffee?  Here are 3 good reasons to do it. First, you must know that the coffees you are drinking today in a bar, in your office or at home are mainly from two varieties: Robusta and Arabica.  But do you know the difference amongst those two varieties? Here a simple explanation that hopefully will allow you to make a more conscious choice when you order or drink your espresso coffee, moka or filter coffee! 

Therefore why choosing a pure Arabica coffee? To begin with, you must know that those two varieties are two completely different products. In fact their DNA is completely different.   

Arabica coffee has 44 chromosomes while Robusta has only 22

This, of course, has repercussions on their organoleptic proprieties, on the areas where the plants grows and, on the flavours and aromas and on the caffeine quantity.  Let us see the various aspects in details. 

  1.  Where Arabica and Robusta grow Robusta grows in hill areas at around 200 meters above sea level.  It is therefore easier to manage, coffee easier to pick up and unfortunately it also undergoes intensive cultivation where fertilizers, pesticides, etc. are used extensively to maximise production with obvious repercussions on coffee quality and health of the beverage. Arabica plants grows at higher altitudes from 900 meters up to 2000 meters above sea level.  It is therefore a more difficult product to manage both from a picking viewpoint but also in terms of intensive cultivation.  This is however very beneficial for the consumer because it implies a more precious and healthier product. 
  2. Flavour and aroma. A Robusta coffee has ONE TASTE AND FLAVOUR.  It is only BITTER! Arabica on the contrary has two organoleptic proprieties: bitterness, acidity. Their combination, depending on the area of origin of the coffee and the roasting method used, it allows to our coffee to develop millions of flavours.  Floral, fruity, citrus like or chocolaty hints.
  3. Caffeine.  Since those two varieties are practically like two different products, it is easier to understand why also their caffeine content is very different.  Arabica has HALF CAFFEINE CONTENT COMPARED TO ROBUSTA. That's why when we drink an Arabica coffee we drink a healthier product, and we can also enjoy several coffees a day!

Why Robusta coffee has therefore such a widespread use then? The answer is easy.  Because it has a lower price (we are of course considering for comparison only medium and high quality coffee... low quality coffee with defects such as mold, wood, grass, ground or astringent tastes are not even considered) and because it allows also to  cheap coffee machines or operators with little expertise to extract a coffee which has some "foam"! Yes, because Robusta make a coffee foam, it is only a 100% pure Arabica coffee that MAKES THE CREAM.  

From tomorrow, you can continue to drink the coffee without knowing what you are drinking or you can start to get some information on what you are drinking.  Information ... Yes I almost forgot! To be sure that you are drinking a pure Arabica coffee, the packaging must have written "PURE ARABICA" or "100% PURE ARABICA", because if you find only "Arabica" than surely it will not be a pure Arabica.  Furthermore only very few producers will write on the coffee bag the percentage of Arabica and Robusta and even fewer then one that will indicate the origin of the coffee !

Why choosing pure Arabica coffee? Because they are more tasty and healthier. 

Caffè del Caravaggio thanks to the Imetec experience it allows today to taste the best coffee origins around the world, precious coffees all 100% pure Arabica sealed in practical ese standard eco-friendly coffee pods or in beans in 500 and 1000 grams bags, always perfect and rich in flavour.   

Close your eyes and travel around the world with our gourmet coffees.   

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