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  • Guatemala Antigua Pastores: from the volcanoes land, a pure Arabica coffee you will never forget!

Guatemala Antigua Pastores: from the volcanoes land, a pure Arabica coffee you will never forget!

The name Guatemala Antigua Pastores originated in Antigua, a municipality located in Guatemala in an area characterized by the presence of three volcanoes.

This name is a real must-to-know for all coffee lovers, since it is synonymous with an amazing variety of pure single origin Arabica coffee, enlisted with full credit in the list of “the most delicious coffees” in the world. The country is the world's sixth largest producer of coffee and a large part of its economy is based on this delicious drink. As with other single origins varieties, the typical taste of Guatemala Antigua Pastores springs from the characteristics of the soil in which it is grown and harvested with care. The volcanic soil is, in fact, rich in precious nutrients for the birth and growth of high-quality coffee plants, which can also benefit from a favorable climate and ideal altitudes for development. A cup of Guatemala Antigua Pastores offers to coffee lovers a perfect mix of sweetness and acidity, with a taste reminiscent of cocoa mixed to a really inviting spicy aroma.

A cup of Guatemala Antigua Pastores of Caffè del Caravaggio offers all these features, and much more! The promise to own a real single-origin variety of pure certified Arabica. Its production and packaging in compostable coffee pods, which are able to preserve freshness and provide a perfect extraction. The guarantee of an Italian company that aims to bring standards of excellence all over the world thanks to the value of his coffee and its strive for perfection. Take a look at our coffee menu: you will find the legendary Guatemala Antigua Pastores next to the most famous and sought after coffees ever!


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