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In Italy espresso coffee are not all the same: we must learn to distinguish the real quality from the slogans

To speak about "Italian espresso" in 2017 does not really make much sense anymore: how many kinds of espresso do exist in Italy? Which blends are they made of? What is the coffee origin and why a consumer should look for one in particular, since they all have pretty much the same price?

And again: to have the same price means having the same quality? It's time to treat the coffee with its due respect since it is one of the most complex and organoleptically rich drink on the planet. The espresso coffee, in Italy as in the rest of the world, are not and should not be treated as being all the same. When they are promoted by the same slogans, priced the same way and sold with the presumption of those who think that the label "Italian espresso" is enough to ensure high quality, it means that the consumers have no reason to prefer one brand over another one, they are all certified and all perfectly interchangeable in the cups of thousands of bars and restaurants. Currently Italian bars and restaurants generally use blends of Robusta and Arabica. Pure Arabica blends (the most precious variety amongst the two) are rare, while it is practically impossible to find the single-origins (coffees from a specific region with a typical and unmistakable taste).

With its Coffee Menu, Caffè del Caravaggio aims to revolutionize the food industry by importing and distributing in the Ho.Re.Ca sector the best single-origins from all over the world without any compromise. Our coffees are sold in pods only, they are 100% eco-friendly and compostable, and we are so keen of coffee quality that we have developed an innovative coffee pod espresso machine to prepare the espresso in a perfect way at any time. Contact us now and we will show you how to impress yourself and your customers with a perfect 100% Arabica espresso!


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