Gourmet coffees pure Arabica

Gourmet coffees pure Arabica for quality restaurants and bars.

We supply gourmet coffees pure Arabica for quality restaurants and bars to allow your clients to taste exclusive products.  We supply our coffees in beans in 1000 and 500 grams packs and also as individually sealed eco-friendly coffee pods. Our aim is to allow our clients to serve always a precious coffee, that is why Caffè del Caravaggio is the right choice.

If you supply to your clients gourmet coffees all precious and 100% pure Arabica you will be able to increase your revenues because: 

  1.  If you serve an excellent espresso coffee, more clients will ask for it at the end of the meal
  2. By means of our coffee beans and coffee pods selection you can create the coffee menu  to offer a wider choice pricing each different coffee type differently.

Our mission is to supply to our international partners exclusive coffees pure Arabica  to enhance the quality coffees they supply locally to restaurants and bars.  Our coffee beans are sealed in 500 grams and 1000 grams bags in order to supply the right format according to the clients daily consumption to keep coffee always fresh.  We also supply a wide variety of eco-friendly coffee pods (ese standard 44mm) sealed individually in nitrogen gas to preserve the aroma of a just roasted coffee. We have decided to supply only pure Arabica because only Arabica coffees are able to deliver unique aromas and tastes all different according to the coffee origins and roasting technique. We have blends and single origin coffees, organic and Fair Trade certified ones,  decaffeinated and flavoured coffees.  The right selection to satisfy also the most exclusive client. 

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