Espresso coffee machine Arabica

Espresso coffee machine Arabica coffee made in Italy

Espresso coffee machine Arabica coffee made in Italy.  If you are looking for a unique coffee machine and precious pure Arabica coffees then you are reading the right article.  Caffè del Caravaggio, from Bergamo in northern Italy is active in the coffee business since 2008 with the objective to introduce in the market innovative coffee machines with high quality coffees to ensure a quality result in the cup!  Since we are from Italy, we have decided to focus since the beginning on the product we are most famous for: The Espresso!  We have developed an innovative and professional coffee machine, easy to use by everyone and simple to clean to enable also the least experience barista to serve an excellent espresso coffee.  The real italian espresso coffee!!! 

The machines are also energy efficient and they are ready to use after 90 seconds after being switched on. 

Coffee side we have decided to focus only on precious pure Arabica - blends, single origins and flavoured coffees - sealed in eco-friendly coffee E.S.E. standard  (44mm easy serving espresso) or 500grams and 1kg coffee beans. We believe that to obtain a quality espresso in the cup, all the components must be right.  The coffee must be of the highest quality, it must be roasted by the Caffelier, our Coffee Master, according the espresso quality standard to find the right compromise between acidity and bitterness to enable all the flavours and aromas to be perceived.  The coffee must also be consumed when fresh and that is why we sealed our eco-friendly pods in nitrogen gas and the coffee beans in an oxygen free environment.  The quality of the coffee is important, but to achieve the best espresso the coffee must be extracted also in the perfect way.  

  • The extraction temperature - 90 degrees Centigrade
  • The extraction pressure - 9 bars
  • The correct grinding and pressure setted by the barista (in case of coffee beans) or set by our production team (in case of the e.s.e. pods).

Therefore, if you are looking for an Espresso coffee machine and Arabica coffee made in Italy of the highest quality please Contact Us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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