Italian coffee shops the

Italian coffee shops the best coffee in Europe with the highest quality.

Italian coffee shops, the best in Europe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. To drink a great espresso, unfortunately, it is not enough to simply enter an Italian café. Having a beautiful coffee machine and an on-demand grinder helps, but if the coffee is of poor quality or the operator behind the counter doesn't respect very specific rules, then let's forget about quality. It is much better to use ese coffee pods that allow you to extract (if the machine and the coffee are of a good quality) excellent coffee in a constant manner. Let's analyze these aspects. The article published in La repubblica was interesting.

Italian coffee is know all over the world, but this product has been in complete disarray for too many years now. Cafes and bars that instead of having quality as a cornerstone, have the gifts they receive, making compromises that have destroyed the pleasure of drinking the best coffee in the world. Machines and grinders that are not properly cleaned and well maintained, operators who do not know how to regulate grinding or who do not press the "purge" button and do not clean the filter between one coffee and another ... all operations that go in the opposite direction of excellence. It is not possible to drink coffee from a Nespresso, Borbone or Lavazza capsule machine that is better than that of the bars, it is no longer acceptable.

But hope is around the corner. With the increases in general costs (electricity, raw materials and so forth) in place in this last period we are perhaps starting to clear the concept of coffee at € 1.00. We believe that when the consumer begins to find himself in front of a cup of coffee with the price of € 1.50 or € 2.00, perhaps he will also begin to complain and demand that the coffee be redone if it is without cream, is burnt, is rancid, it's too bitter! And then the price can really be an important beacon that illuminates the direction and goal of quality, to return to having cafes, bars and restaurants where you can drink the best coffee in the world. Italian cafes can return to serve the best coffee in Europe only with higher quality!

Caffè del Caravaggio is a small company, and as it is often the case with small companies, it is the quality that guides our choices. We have decided to select only the best coffees in the world, precious 100% pure Arabica that we wisely roast to preserve all their organoleptic and healthy properties, so as to allow the coffees to express and release all their hints and aftertaste. We sealed the coffees in 1kg and 500g beans packs but also in 7g ese paper pods (in a protected atmosphere) so as to preserve their taste until the moment of extraction.

Given the difficulties often encountered with traditional machines if not properly managed by the operators, we have exploited Imetec technology to create an innovative and easy-to-use machine for everyone, capable of correctly extracting the coffee from our compostable ESE pods in a paper filter.  Eco-friendly and healthy are all aspects that are dear to us. We have never wanted to make plastic or aluminum capsules because we consider them harmful for the environment and for our health, but also because an espresso in capsule is simply NOT an espresso coffee. 

If you too believe that Italian cafes should return to serve the best coffee in Europe, then choose our project.

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